Building & Construction Lawyers Brisbane

At Creagh Weightman, our building and construction lawyers in Brisbane are industry experts with years of experience handling commercial, industrial, rural and domestic building disputes.

Our clients include builders, property developers, project managers, independent contractors and subcontractors, building owners, property consultants, surveyors, architects and engineers among others.

Our Construction Lawyers' Expertise

As the experts in building and construction law in Brisbane, we work closely with architects and claims consultants to speed up the resolution process and can offer assistance with:

  • Pre-contractual drafting and contract review
  • Payment claims and debt recovery under the Building Industry Fairness (Security of Payment) Act 2017
  • Dispute resolution and/or Court appearances including litigation
  • Body corporate advice
  • Joint venture negotiation
  • Professional liability claims / insurance claims
  • Assistance interpreting and acting on the Home Building Act 1989
  • Risk management and building protection works


When you need specialists in construction industry law, the Brisbane Creagh Weightman team can assist you with the entire building and construction process from buying and selling property to settling disputes upon project completion.

Our building dispute lawyers in Brisbane are leaders in the field when things go wrong and you need trusted, robust support to work through to a successful resolution.

Affordable Advice

Our team of construction lawyers in Brisbane encompass all levels of experience, from senior partners to junior lawyers, who all play an integral role in assisting you with your matter. This means we can keep client costs down by allocating the most appropriate level of seniority to each task.

The focus of each construction lawyer in our Brisbane CBD office is to return you truly valuable legal advice without the exhaustive costs associated with so many other city legal firms.

Why Creagh Weightman Lawyers?

There is a reason that our building and construction specialists are considered exceptional, and it’s more than simply knowing the law or the number of building and construction disputes that are resolved.


It takes years to accumulate significant experience in dealing with construction law matters, from pre-contractual drafting and contract review through to insurance issues, dispute resolution and litigation. In addition, building solicitors are required to obtain a licence to perform their work and services.

Choose our legal team to work with the best construction lawyer Brisbane offers for your needs.

Communicating with You

You will find a Creagh Weightman Lawyers specialist a good listener, who uses their reasoning and explanation skills to ensure that you are communicated with often and in language that is understood. All of our building and construction legal specialists are adept at establishing a great relationship to hear your needs, to tailor their advice and to communicate throughout the process.

Understanding Complex Law

Building and construction can be complex. Our highly experienced construction lawyers have the ability to absorb large quantities of information and use it to manoeuvre your case through Queensland’s complicated building and construction legal system.

Problem Solvers

Our building and construction legal specialists are trained to make their client’s lives easier, using creative solutions to their problems. A law advisor from our Brisbane legal firm is trained to look for the best solution, which is not always the most obvious. 

Whether you are experiencing disputes with your builder or not getting the rightful payment for your completed work, our specialist building lawyers can find a way to give you the best outcome possible for your legal situation.


Not every situation is the same when it comes to Queensland building and construction contracts or the disputes that arise from parties who have varied agendas and interpretation of the law.  Our legal specialists will work with you to sort through the arguments, and speak in plain, easy-understandable terms, so that you remain in control of your case. 

Aside from providing you legal services based on your needs, you can be confident that a Creagh Weightman Lawyers building and construction specialist delivers you the right legal advice.

Contact us to find out more or to arrange a consultation with one of our experts in construction law in Brisbane CBD.

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