Property Lawyers Brisbane

Buying or selling a residential or commercial property is a big decision and a significant matter for most people. This means advice and representation from one of Creagh Weightman’s experienced Brisbane property lawyers is vital to navigating the complexities of Australian property law.

From our office, our property solicitors in Brisbane CBD offer many years of experience with property law in Queensland and have represented both buyers and sellers of property for all legal matters.

Or Property Law Services

Our specialist property lawyers in Brisbane, QLD can offer assistance with all aspects of property law and the Property Law Act in the following ways:

  • Help you fully understand the issues involved in purchasing or selling property in Australia
  • Assistance with buying or selling at public auction/private treaty
  • Information about the costs involved (including stamp duty)
  • Advice for your Contract for Sale
  • Advice in regard to the ‘cooling off period’
  • Negotiating terms and conditions for the sale or purchase of property
  • Advice in regard to the sale or purchase of vacant land, units, strata and community title, rural land and purchases ‘off the plan’
  • Advice for meeting lender requirements
  • Advise property developers on laws affecting property development 
  • Arrange title searches and land enquiries
  • Help you with settlement and exchange for property transactions
  • Help with the legal requirements for subdivisions and property developments
  • Advice in regard to building contracts
  • Advice and negotiation in regard to neighbourhood disputes including dividing fence disputes
  • Representation in dispute resolution and at Court


Contact us to find out more about property law or our legal services. Brisbane CBD-based consultations can be arranged when you fill out our contact form or phone 07 3211 7766.

Property Disputes

If you find yourself in a property dispute, you will need professional legal help to help resolve your issues in what can be a complex legal environment. Our property dispute lawyers in Brisbane are experts in resolving disagreements related to property contracts, council matters, landlord and tenant issues, property financing and even finance and bank acquisitions. We also have the expertise to guide you through disputes with government agencies, banks and neighbours.

A specialist Creagh Weightman Lawyers property solicitor, Brisbane-based and expert in the resolution of disagreements between two parties in a variety of property matters, has the expertise to guide you to a successful resolution.

Our Brisbane property lawyers are specialists who can also act as primary negotiators on your behalf. Should the matter end up going to court or an administrative appeals process, we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

Commercial Leases

Where you are a tenant or a landlord, there is much to consider before entering into a legally binding contract for a commercial lease. One of the best ways to avoid issues is to seek legal advice from our specialist property lawyers. Brisbane has one of the largest pools of commercial leasing in Queensland, but no matter where in the State your property of interest is situated, a Creagh Weightman Lawyers expert can assist.
Our commercial lease lawyers in Brisbane see most issues arising from parties being unaware of their rights and responsibilities before signing a commercial property lease. At times the terms of a lease can be ambiguous.
To avoid making a costly mistake, make sure that before making a commitment or signing any commercial leasing documentation, involve a Creagh Weightman property lawyer in Brisbane, who can provide guidance in the preparation and review of any documentation.

For those considering leasing out a retail commercial, our property legal specialist will let you know if there are additional considerations under retail lease legislation.  If you are looking to lease retail premises, then a Creagh Weightman commercial lease lawyer in Brisbane will ensure that your rights are fully explained and protected.


Creagh Weightman Lawyers has more than two decades of experience as trusted experts in property law Brisbane-wide and has a deep understanding of caveat legislation in Queensland.
Caveats are lodged when two parties are in dispute over property matters, with the caveat process preserving the status quo of the property title to allow time for the parties to resolve the dispute. However, caveats are a complex area of law.
Anyone lodging a caveat without proving a lawful reason may be liable to pay compensation to the other party who suffered loss or damage from the action. It’s important to seek advice from one of our Brisbane-based property law specialists before considering this cause of action. 

To find out more about caveats, speak with an experienced property lawyer in Brisbane from our trusted law firm. Consultations can be arranged when you fill out our contact form or phone 07 3211 7766. 

Building Contracts

Whether it’s your first construction project or one of many, it is important that all building contracts must be reviewed by one of Creagh Weightman Lawyers’ specialist property solicitors. Our expert legal advice will recommend changes to the contract before it is signed to relieve the stress of future disputes, unexpected financial costs and misunderstandings.  The valuable information received will provide advice on how to handle specific situations that commonly arise during property and development projects, along with the confidence that you are in a robust legal position.

Property Conveyancing

While buying or selling property often feels confusing, with the help of Creagh Weightman Lawyers it can be smooth and simple. Our conveyancing solicitors Brisbane-wide are dedicated to simplifying the complexities of property transactions, ensuring a seamless experience for clients. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer or engaging in commercial property transactions, our property conveyancing team ensures a successful property purchase or sale journey. Our residential and commercial conveyancing services are designed to guide you through the conveyancing process from start to finish.

Our Brisbane conveyancing solicitors assist with investment, commercial and residential property matters, handling all aspects of the property transaction, and providing invaluable legal support for homes, commercial real estate, vacant land, investment property, and more. From drafting and reviewing contracts to advising on real estate contract law, our conveyancing services cover the entire spectrum of conveyancing in Brisbane.

When you work with a Creagh Weightman conveyancing solicitor, you never have to worry about a hidden conveyancing cost. We offer fixed-price conveyancing services in order to maintain transparency when working with clients. 

Why Choose Creagh Weightman?

Our experienced property solicitors in Brisbane are dedicated to providing invaluable assistance across various aspects of property law. From guiding you in the intricacies of property transactions in Australia to negotiating favourable terms and conditions for property sales or purchases, our specialists cover the entire spectrum of property-related legal matters. If you’re looking for legal assistance for a certain property law transaction, we are ready and waiting to help.

We bring a dynamic blend of industry insight, ensuring that your property transactions are legally solid and strategically aligned with your goals. Our commitment extends beyond sound legal advice – we actively contribute to the success and longevity of your property endeavours.

With Creagh Weightman Lawyers, you benefit from having legal representation and a strategic partner invested in your property’s success. Our experienced property lawyers have a commitment to residential and commercial property transactions and legal matters that distinguishes us from other commercial law firms. Make us your go-to choice for all your property law needs in Brisbane. Contact us today to experience the Creagh Weightman difference. 

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